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  • Cramming for strategies
  • Doubting whether it will work or not
  • Getting stuck in your processes and workflows
  • And being pushed to close up shop because you’re not getting it right, all the time, 2020 is super frustrating!

Every month you’ll be invited to a LIVE training/webinar where you won’t only listen and take notes. You will also be able to put these experts in the hot seat and ask them all your burning questions that can be directly related to your business.

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Strategies that work in business RIGHT NOW!

* You will be charged the $79 after your two week trial unless you cancel prior to renewal date. 


When you join the Rise Inner Circle, you will get immediate access to all the previous and future trainings inside the training vault.

Here’s what’s inside….

November Training: 

How To Start A Podcast with Sabrina Ricci

The Rise Inner Circle crash course where successful podcaster and dinosaur enthusiast, Sabrina Ricci joins our in-house OG podcaster and founder, DSG, in teaching the perfect foundation of starting a successful podcast!

October Training: 

No More Guessing: 7 Steps to Creating, Repurposing, and Leveraging Free Content To Grow Your Business (Without “Giving Away Too Much For Free” or Creating A Gigantic Stress Bomb)

“The WordPress Chick” Kim Doyal and Orange Star Design’s Jodi Hersh talk about how you can use ALL your content to drive sales, how to consistently create content (quickly), the correct way of repurposing content, AND MUCH MORE!

August training:

How to Create A High Ticket Coaching Program with David Siteman Garland 

Go from expert-on-something to online course entrepreneur to trusted coach! Our very own, DSG, walks you through the entire process of creating your own accelerator program, pricing it for maximum profitability, marketing it, and growing it evergreen style!

July training:

Facebook Ads Targeting Mastery with Alvaro Berrios

Making sure your ads show up in your target market’s feed while avoiding ad fatigue? Guaranteed after taking this training on Facebook Ads Mastery! LA-based Facebook Ads Strategist, Alvario Berrios, helps you skyrocket your next Facebook Ad launch with tips and tactics that he uses to manage over $100,000 monthly ad spend for his clients.

June training:

How to Triple Your Income Using Virtual Summits (Even in a Tiny Niche) with Bree Noble

Become known as an expert in your niche, expand your networks, 4x your email list after hosting a virtual summit! Bree Noble bares her ABCs of hosting a virtual summit that can potentially break the 5-figure ceiling for you and triple your income even in a small niche.

May training:

The Anatomy of a Successful Educational YouTube Channel with Justin Geis

YouTube and online course entrepreneurs = peanut butter and jelly. Grow your channel into epic proportions as Justin Geis’ shares his proven and repeatable growth strategies for educational channels. Take note: educational channels –not clickbait, review, or music cover channels. After this training, you will be able to audit your own channel and start seeing your channel stats improve!

April training:

How To Generate Nonstop Leads on Linkedin with John Nemo

Searching for answers to “how to get people to sign up to my courses?” In this training LinkedIn Riches Author, John Nemo reveals his secrets in generating non-stop leads on LinkedIn even if you haven’t logged in for 5 years! His “3 Ps” will get you those sign-ups without being salesy, sleazy, or SPAMMY.

March training:

Self Publishing Made Easy with Nick Stephenson

Mark your spot as a thought leader in your industry with your own book! Nick Stephenson guides you around everything you need to know about self-publishing from writing to getting it out there — no need to have a degree in literature or enroll in some special class.

February training:

Cracking the Speakers Code with David Newman

Master the art of speaking and make real money as an expert who speaks. Do It! Marketing’s head honcho, David Newman, teaches the skills, tools, and tactics that will get you booked more easily and more often at a PREMIUM price!


* You will be charged the $79 after your two week trial unless you cancel prior to renewal date. 



We also added pandemic-proof workshops in the vault for you to binge-watch and plug in to your business.

Join Rise Inner Circle to get immediate access to:

  • The Most Kick-Butt Webinar Blueprint – $197 value
  • Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Workshop – $197 value
  • Create Awesome FB Groups – $197 value
  • Rock Instagram – $197 value
  • Evergreen Funnel Workshop – $197 value
  • A Sale without a Sale – $197 value
  • Create Awesome Coaching Workshops – $197 value
  • Facebook Ads Now! – $197 value

You will also be a part of an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you can direct questions to DSG, The Rise To The Top team, and learn & thrive with other course creators!


 Join the Rise Inner Circle Membership to get:

  1. Once a month Live training/webinar with TOP experts who will teach you what’s working RIGHT NOW – $449 monthly value
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  4. Access to EXCLUSIVE Facebook group – PRICELESS!

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* You will be charged the $79 after your two week trial unless you cancel prior to renewal date.