Worried about being the sleazy salesman on LinkedIn with a random course who everyone avoids rather than a trustworthy expert who shares value and has a course that can solve problems?

Drowning in self-sabotage every time you start creating and posting content on LinkedIn because you think it’s not the content that they want and it’s not even half as good as what you read on your feed?

Constantly being bothered about the possibility of being reported as spam or god forbid SCAM whenever you want to build your network?

Know what? We understand.

LinkedIn is like this scary hive that has coveted thick, golden pollen juice only for the bigger, more established guys in your industry. 

And despite LinkedIn’s supercharged organic reach it’s difficult to get noticed by those who really care and need your course.

You’ve probably even started thinking about ditching LinkedIn altogether coz the stress level in trying is waaaaaay up and the returns are in the deep low. 

Take a chill pill and two deep breaths…

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Go ahead and tell your worries, self-sabotage thoughts, and LinkedIn marketing dilemmas to BUZZ OFF, fo’ good! Shoo

Attract signups to your course like bears to honey from your LinkedIn efforts right after you discover

How to Win Business on LinkedIn 

This December, we’ll indulge in the best strategies in networking, publishing content, and spam-free social selling on LinkedIn with THE one and only, Queen SocialBee –Louise Brogan! 



What’s this all about?

In this Rise Inner Circle training, Louise will share her strategies in:

  • NETWORKING – How to build a genuine and valuable network on LinkedIn without spending on ads by using a relationship-building process
  • PUBLISHING CONTENT – What type of content to create and share so you max engagement and drive leads to your courses minus the aggressive selling and bland sales pitches
  • SOCIAL SELLING – How to harness the power of LinkedIn Messaging for social selling without being spammy

Louise has been successfully doing this for years! 

She is one of the most sought-after LinkedIn experts who teaches entrepreneurs, SMEs, and established organizations/businesses on how to maximize LinkedIn beyond profile creation and optimization.

In fact, she has been awarded Top 50 Small Business Advisors in the UK by Enterprise Nation!

And boy, is she ready to help you taste honey-sweet success in winning biz on LinkedIn and exponentially increasing your course signups, Rise Inner Circle style!

On December 17th at (time) she’ll be sitting in the RIC expert’s hot seat and you will be able to ask everything she knows about winning business on LinkedIn.


Your $79 Rise Inner Circle ticket won’t only save your seat to How to Win Business on LinkedIn you will also get:

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  • Lifetime access  to training archives that house all previous training
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