Find your perfect target audience and launch your most profitable Facebook Ad yet!



Ad copy you spent days working on to perfect (or outsourced to an expensive copywriter)?  – CHECK!

Images or video that you tirelessly created on Canva (or, again, outsourced to the most creative designer budget can afford)?  – CHECK!

Audience demographic that you think is your best target after patching how-to articles and YouTube tutorials? – CHECK!

Conversions?  Uhhhhhh…

We know…

It’s tricky, time consuming, and it can require a hefty budget. No one expects you to get it right the first time, or the second, maybe a third – even after A/B testing! But getting ZERO conversions every. single. time. because you can’t get your targeting right is not the best way to run your biz in any of the universes.

Just imagine, all your ad creative, ad budget, and ad efforts are all in vain. Banging on your keyboard and angrily clicking on your mouse when your monitor continues to show you frustrating results and you aren’t sure how to turn things around.

This doesn’t mean you should close up shop and give up on your online course business.

Facebook Ads targeting is NOT a game of chance. Just like landing a rocket to the moon, it requires some strategy. You have to be specific and accurate so that your ad “lands” and is visible on your ideal customer’s atmosphere.

There is one BIG difference.. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (Hi Elon!) to target the perfect audience on Facebook who is both 1. your ideal customer, and 2. ready to purchase.

No need to spend years trying to learn physics and all that science and math stuff…

Join us in the 


One small step for mankind, one giant leap for your business!

This awesome (non-space) program/workshop will show you how to do Facebook Ads targeting the right way to get out of this world conversions! 


  • How to do targeting research
  • How to find targeting options your competitors aren’t using
  • How to prioritize your targeting strategy
  • You will be armed with the tools avoid ad fatigue

Who’s helping you skyrocket your Facebook Ad launch?

Alvaro Berrios!

Alvaro Berrios is a Facebook Ads Strategist based in Los Angeles, California. After running ads at his corporate job, he took a leap of faith to start his own agency in 2018 where he now specializes in scaling the businesses of entrepreneurs who are selling digital products and services. He currently manages over $100,000 in monthly ad spend across all his clients. (Fun fact: Alvaro manages all our ads and has for more than a year – he’s awesome!)

He’s got the experience, the results, and the strategy to make it happen!

Now’s your ONLY chance of learning what he knows and using it in your biz.

Go on and ask him his exact strategy, step-by-step. He’ll spill. We made him promise!

Grabbing this opportunity?

It’s as rare as having the chance to get to step on the moon!

Join us!

You have two choices.

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Should we shake on it?


It’s only $79/ month. Cancel Anytime.