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Grab the secrets to generating nonstop leads from LinkedIn Riches Author, John Nemo

Have you been struggling to build your list?

Are you tired of the trial and error process of figuring out a lead gen strategy for your business?

Do you want  an effective lead gen strategy so you can finally cut the frustration out of your process? Don’t we all? 🙂

LEAD GENERATION is unarguably one of the most difficult tasks that have plagued marketers and business owners since people started selling.

And it’s not getting any easier.

The market is full of distractions and options. And once you catch their attention, you have to keep them interested until they sign up or all your hard work will disappear.

It’s painful. It can be expensive. And it’s emotionally stressful. But it has to be done.

No matter how awesome your products or programs are, if you’re not getting any leads to sign up, it’s doesn’t matter.


  • You’ll have to close up shop because you need to divert your focus and energy on something that will pay the bills.
  • You’ll have to admit that you failed…again, go back to square one, and make another promise to your loved ones about getting it right next time
  • You’ll prove that your naysayers are right…again and you won’t ever make them east their words and become more successful than them

At this stage, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION so you need to crank up your lead gen strategy and drive quality leads to your business.

But how?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. 🙂

Your journey to nonstop leads, more sign-ups, and 10x profits starts here…

  • You don’t have to toughen up to tolerate the pain.
  • Or get a loan to pay for the additional expenses.
  • Or catch your long luscious hair on fire.

How to generate nonstop leads with LinkedIn

with LinkedIn Riches Author, John Nemo 

In this workshop, you will discover how to use “The 3 Ps” to generate leads and win new business on LinkedIn.

It starts with:

P1: PROFILE. 99% of LinkedIn profiles are set up the wrong way. We will look into what are people doing wrong, how is it costing them business as a result, and what you need to do to set up your profile for profit!

P2: PROSPECTING. With LinkedIn, all the money is in the mailbox! Here’s how to skip all the other shenanigans and QUICKLY find, engage and sell to your ideal clients with 1-on-1 messaging campaigns.

P3: PROFIT. Get the word-for-word, fill in the blank “Messaging Magic” script that turns your 1-on-1 conversations into paying clients!

Why Linkedin?

With nearly 700 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is THE place online to find all the world’s professionals in one place. Best of all, they’re on LinkedIn in BUSINESS mode – not to look at silly cat videos or pictures of the grandkids.

LinkedIn is adding 2 new members every second, and wants to be a “one stop shop” for professionals to find industry news, jobs, vendors, partnerships, content and more. That means lots of eyeballs and attention from your ideal prospects WHILE they’re in “work” mode.

With LinkedIn’s powerful internal search engine, you can find the EXACT person you want to sell your products or services to and then talk to him or her directly – goodbye, gatekeepers!

LinkedIn’s enhanced 1-on-1 messaging system makes it easy to hyper-personalize AND scale your engagement with your ideal prospects with videos, audio messages, animated GIFs and much more … think of it like the world’s largest virtual coffee shop meetup!

Who is John Nemo?

John Nemo is a LinkedIn Lead Generation expert who helps business coaches, consultants, and small business engage and sell to their ideal clients online WITHOUT being sales-y, sleazy, or spammy!

He has personally rewritten and optimized A-List entrepreneur, bestselling author, business coach, and consultant LinkedIn profiles including:

      • Chris Brogan
      • Bob Burg
      • John Lee Dumas
      • Mari Smith, and
      • Tom Ziglar

And he’s been featured on the Business Insider, Entrepreneur On Fire, Inc. Magazine, LinkedIn, Social Media Examiner, and The Huffington Post.

In this workshop, you will get:

  1. 90 minute workshop on an effective LinkedIn lead gen strategy that you can plug into your business ASAP
  2. Face-to-face Q&A with LinkedIn Riches Author, John Nemo 
  3. A copy of his book LinkedIn Riches (in digital format)
  4. A fill-in-the-blank LinkedIn profile template 

This training will take place live on Thursday, April 23rd at 3:00PM CST and trust us when we say – You don’t want to miss this training!

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