How To Triple Your Income Using Virtual Summits (Even In A Tiny Niche) 

And break the 5-Figure ceiling after just 1 summit!


Hey, hey! Hear ? me ? out! ?

I have a course to help you!

*drowns in digital noise*

Did you ever go through that script and feel like you’re never heard or seen even when you’re absolutely sure that your offer solves all the problems of your target audience?

Maybe you know that you can help more people with your course but no matter how much you show up and give value in all your touch points you only seem to get the same % of engagement all the time?

Or probably you’ve exhausted your current email list with your offers and need some new warm leads?

And then there’s the fact that you’re stuck at the same income bracket as when you started and you’re NOT reaching your course business income goals. When will you ever go next level? Will you even ever get there…at all?

Stop asking and make it come to life, for real, this time!

How, you ask?

Hop aboard and join us in our latest training:

How To Triple Your Income Using Virtual Summits 

(Even In A Tiny Niche) 

Now before you start telling yourself, I can’t do this, I can’t host a virtual summit… take a deep breath and keep reading!

Did you know?

With virtual summits you can easily:

  • Break the 5-figure ceiling
  • Quadruple your email list (yes! 4X!)
  • Grow your presence as an expert in your niche
  • Expand your network so you can establish profitable affiliate partnerships


For real?


After just 2 virtual summits, Bree Noble was able to triple her income in a small niche – Music Business. 

She was able to quadruple her email list (her highly manicured list went from 3K to 12K! Talk about woah!). 

The summits raised her profile within her niche which has increased sales of her own products and produced invitations to speak at virtual events and at industry conferences. She was also able to partner with lucrative affiliates!

That’s just after 2 virtual summits. 

Now don’t you go thinking she’s a well-known, celebrity expert to start with that’s why she was able to make these happen.


She is a legit expert but she wasn’t well-known when she started nor did she have a big network of experts to interview.


She had a well-thought out and well-executed strategy!

And she’s going to teach you how she did it exactly during this training so you can do it, too!

Even if you’re not a well-known expert in your niche.

Or you think your niche is too small to attract speakers and attendees.

Or you don’t have the connections to experts to interview.

She’s going to discuss the ABC’s of hosting a virtual summit so that you can use it to attract warm leads, pump up your email list, establish profitable partnerships, and TRIPLE YOUR INCOME!

BONUS: You’ll even get paid to have interesting conversations with smart people!

What’s in the training?

  • How to prioritize and delegate the pre-summit work so it doesn’t take over your life
  • How to find excellent summit guests even if you don’t have any industry relationships
  • How to 2x your summit attendees (and income) using affiliate partners
  • How to get the most out of your advertising budget
  • How to conquer the tech
  • 5 ways to make money from your summit AFTER it’s over

Want to know more about our host, Bree?

Bree Noble is an entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host, musician and best-selling author form Southern California who has created several successful courses in the music education space and a thriving niche membership site called the Female Musician Academy (approx 200 members). 

She’s been an Accelerator Coach for Create Awesome Online Courses and has helped creators build successful courses & membership sites in several niche fields including fiddle & guitar lessons, gig booking, music licensing, handmade crafts, business education, mom-preneurship, personal development & more.

How do I know if it’s for me?

  • If your income has plateaued and you want to jump up to that next income bracket
  • If you’ve exhausted your current email list with your offers and need some new warm leads
  • If you want to build your network within your niche so you can get invited on more podcasts, summits and live stages
  • If you’re just starting your business and need a jump-start.

Then this training is 100% made for you!


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Should we shake on it?


It’s only $79/ month. Cancel Anytime.